I will put my heart and soul into your session

Hi, I’m Amy. Lover of carbs, being barefoot, and puppy slobber. I’m a believer in preserving memories, especially of family. It’s important.

Our time together: The number one thing you need to know going in, is to be yourself. My favorite photos from every session are the ones filled with raw emotion and lots of movement. I truly believe in breaking the mold of typically posed photos. I like to start my shoots by telling my couples to pretend I’m not there. I want you to close your eyes and breath each other in, have a tickle fight, give bear hugs, whisper your favorite foods in each others ears. Bring on all the giggles and inside jokes.

My favorite part of my my job is meeting fun, loving, down to earth people. I feel so lucky to be introduced into your lives, and honestly I feel like I gain friends with each session I do. I’m a homebody, but it doesn’t take much convincing to get me to go on an adventure. I’m a Netflix junkie, (yes i’m still watching). I LOVE to cook, it’s like therapy to me. Oddly enough, one of my favorite past times is grocery shopping.  I married my high school love, Tim. We have two beautiful rescue pups, Gypsi and Rio. Gypsi has the emotional capacity of a human and looks like a little red fox. I’m actually convinced she is in-fact part fox, part cat. Rio is a goofy brindle cuddle bug who eats dirt and howls when he's not getting enough attention. I love thunderstorms and any excuse to hibernate with a good bottle of red with my people. I am superstitious, and believe wholeheartedly that the energy you emit results in the energy you receive. I often get caught up in conversation with grandparents at wedding receptions (I blame this on being an old soul,) and really missing small talk with my own.  

I strive to give you my perspective of your life, and love. I focus on a photojournalistic style, capturing my subjects in their rawest form with the most natural light possible. Lets be real!

My creds - BS in Photojournalism with a minor in Photo Illustration and Design from Kent State University.