Robin + John say "I do" at Foxfire Mountain House | Catskills, NY

Robin and John celebrated an intimate cozy wedding at Foxfire Mountain House in upstate, NY. Foxfire is an absolutely breath-taking, 100 year old bed and breakfast. It’s adorned with velvet, moroccan tiles, collected butterflies and antlers, sheepskin rugs, anything you dream about they have! The staff, grounds, food and drink were phenomenal. Robin (the bride) is my older cousin. She has always been so beautiful, stylish, artistic, and successful at anything she does. She works in NYC as director of sales for Saylor - go look at their collection, amazing. And her husband, John, (the nicest person ever) works as an independent artist/ songwriter for the band called Wild Pink. They are super talented! When Robin and John asked me to photograph her upstate wedding this past May, I didn’t think twice. Honored and flattered would be an understatement, and once I learned where the wedding would be I was so giddy and excited to get my hands on a venue so perfect. Robin and John planned this wedding in a few short months, and omg…. You’ll see what I mean when you look at the photos. Not one little detail was overlooked. They threw the funnest, most delightful party that I’ve been a part of to date. With the help of so many people and talented vendors, this wedding is one for the books. Read all about it below!

Q: How and when did you meet? Tell us about your first date too!
A: My friends husband is in a band with John. We were all hanging in the park and I went to grab a water. When I got back, he was sitting there on my blanket. We would meet in Transmitter Park in Greenpoint everyday for the weeks to just talk. We have been together ever since!

Q: Tell us about your proposal! When, where, how?
A: We got engaged last year on the 4th of July. We hiked up to the top of the Burger Hill, it is one of John's favorite places. It overlooks the Hudson valley + Catskills for sunset + to watch the fireworks. We went back again this year and plan to make it a tradition!

Q: Wedding Date
A: May 4th 2019

Q: Guest count
A: We had 100 guests at our wedding. We included our immediate family + closest friends.

Q: Where was it, and why did you pick the venues that you chose?
A: The wedding was at Foxfire Mountain House. I had always dreamt of being married there. Our first weekend away was to the Catskills and we now have a cottage in the area where we spend many of our best times. Sharing the area with our family + friends was magical.

Q: What inspired your wedding décor? Did you have a theme in mind? Tell us all about your flowers, the linens, the lighting, special tables, favors, everything!
A: Foxfire is such a beautiful setting, we didnt have to go too crazy with decor. We pulled the woodland theme through by using Hartland's beautiful butterflies + flowers on all the stationary. Her work really set a vibe for the wedding. We kept the flowers very bright and colorful and wanted them to have a wildflower feel. The flowers strung above the dance floor was a favorite detail. We also had the wild flowers as the back of our photo booth. I love the 60's so my dress and John's tie had a 60s feel. I was going for Jenny from Forrest Gump. I changed into a mini sequin dress that also had a 60s feel. Our favor was a smores kit using marshmallows + graham crackers that were made locally. Surprising everyone with my favorite local burger at the end of the night was also a highlight.

Q: What type of ceremony did you have?*
A: Our ceremony was under 10 minutes! We loved the intimacy of the veranda at Foxfire and made sure that everyone was able to grab a drink before hand. We wanted it to feel as relaxed as possible. The wedding party entered to a song that John had written. It is one of my favorite songs under his Eriee Gates project. I was listening weeks prior and realized it leant itself perfectly to our wedding song.

Q: Tell us about the food/drink!
A: Foxfire worked with us on a custom menu. We had a family style Italian dinner. They incorporated some of our favorite foods in NYC - The Commodore's cheeseburger + Roberta's Hellboy Pizza.

Q: What was your absolute favorite part of the day? Does your spouse have a different favorite?
A: Our favorite part of the day was the ceremony. We were the most nervous for it but the setting was so beautiful. It felt so intimate + relaxed with our guests. Immediately following the ceremony, once Dream by the Cranberries came on, the rain just started coming down. I always think of my father who passed away when it rains (and prayed to him for NO rain). It felt very special knowing that my dad was there with us. I think everyone was crying, for just a minute. John's favorite part was after all of the formal events had ended and we were able to hang with our closest friends at the cottage. We also both really enjoyed having my little cousin surprise our family with an ukulele version of an Elvis song. She was inspired by john to learn and had never sang or played for a group. We even surprised her parents with the performance + were both so proud of her. It was a very special moment.

Q: What was the biggest challenge you faced in planning your wedding?
A: Planning takes a lot of time! We felt very bogged down with nightly tasks. It became a huge project but I like a good challenge and ended up enjoying it.

Q: Where's the honeymoon? Tell us all about it!
A: We are going to Greece! We waited a bit for our honeymoon to take a break and settle back into our lives. We are looking forward to swimming + eating our way thru the greek islands.

Q: Biggest piece of advice to future couples*
A: 8 months to plan 8 hours is too much. Keep it simple and plan it quickly! Personal touches are the most important details to incorporate. In our case it was a blessing to use the many talents and gifts of our friends and family. For instance, We had custom color scented candles from The Candleshop in Sugar Loaf, my little niece made her musical debut with a ukulele rendition of Elvis' "I can't help falling in love with you". Our favorite local venders provided late night snacks, I wore the same birdcage veil as my sisters and my Aunts all kicked in to bake our family's delicious cookies. My favorite details were using my parents' cake topper on our special day.

“One of my favorite parts of wedding was working with our friends + family. It made the wedding feel so much more personal and was an expression of us. <3”

Amazing Vendors:

Photography: Anomaly Photo (Amy Greene)
Venue: Foxfire Mountain House
Florist: Emily Rose Theobald
Dress: Bhldn + Saylor / custom bead work
Shoes - Loeffler Randall
Tux: The black Tux / Dazi Tie
Makeup: Morgan Everson
DJ: Ali Gruber
Invitations: Hartland Brooklyn
Food: Foxfire, Buns Burgers
Cake: Milk Bar
Cookies: Basile Girls
Calligraphy: Holly Winnie
Favors: Hudson Valley Marshmallow
Custom Candles: The Candle Shop